Monday, July 11, 2011

Independence Day Weekend

So last weekend my brother Jeff and his wife Kira and their incredibly adorable and amazing baby Jeffrey (the second) visited us! It was such a fun weekend. Mom, Dad, and I were all freaking out about seeing baby Jeff because....well who wouldn't be? The first grandchild/nephew in the family, perfect in every way, cutest baby ever, and we never see him. So we were EXCITED. And of course we were excited to hang out with Jeff and Kira too.

Coming home from the airport. He is a jolly baby!

Cutest baby ever? I think so.

Saturday was kind of lame because they all went to Leavenworth, but I had to stay home so I could get to work. :(

Sunday we had an amazing dinner and invited Jeff's old friend to dine with us.

Monday was the 4th of July! It was the best! We went on a hike to Barclay Lake. But we had to carry the baby because we didn't have a backpack...and he got a little fussy the last 20 min. Oh well. We went home and watched a movie and ate a BBQ feast, and lit off fireworks! (because its legal in Snohomish County ;).

Jeffrey's gangsta hiking attire.

Barclay Lake

A little tired and hungry :(

Tuesday we drove into Seattle and went to Pike Place market and got Dicks. Who wouldn't love that?

Pike Place Market

Having fun in the stroller. 
So that was my weekend. It may look like I'm an obsessed Aunt....because I am. And why shouldn't I be? :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kangaroos in the Great Northwest

Last week Jamie's friend Nichole was in town so they were doing a bunch of fun things visitors to Washington just HAVE to do. Well I've lived here my entire life and I've never been up to Kangaroo Farm in Arlington, so they invited me! It was super fun, though it did start raining. But this is Washington....

The Kangaroo Farm called "The Outback" includes dozens of Kangaroos and Wallabys (and apparently Wallaroos too...??), several Tortoises, Donkeys, Llamas, a Miniature Horse, Emus, and an Ostrich. And I can't forget the Lemurs, and all of the poultry: chickens, roosters, a turkey, peacock, and strange mutated ducks.

Enjoy the pictures!

Outside the cute Cabin where we bought our tickets

Lemur! Everyone who danced like they do in "Madagascar" got to feed them. That was us and the children.


Kangaroo trying to take shelter from the rain

It is fuzzy, but this wallaby has a little Joey in her pouch!

Miniature Horse, apparently he's a little aggressive cause they didn't let us near him

First Kiss :)
Actually, I'm feeding him.