Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Goes On

I am a bad blogger. It has been so long! Woops.

Well, I guess there have been some significant things happening in my life. I finished my last real semester of BYU. But I'm not graduated, like everyone else my age. I just have my student teaching left, which I'm doing in the fall! I will be teaching at Kearns High School, in the Salt Lake area. The teacher there teaches child development and early childhood education, so that should be really interesting! I'm excited. And then for the last half of the semester I'm teaching at Willowcreek Middle School, in Lehi. I will be doing FACS Exploration (which is an intro class) and Foods 1! I'm way excited to teach foods. So I guess that is kind of cool, right?
Going along with that - I just took the Praxis test. Which is a National/State test we have to take to be teachers. I passed! Thank goodness. I was a little nervous, but it wasn't too bad at all. :) 
So I am happy this spring/summer to not have to be taking classes. I am working full time. I am still working at Heritage Halls Custodial, but after working here for a hear I have made my way up to being an Assistant! Which is a pay raise, and I get to drive the golf cart, so that's pretty great!
Also, I got hired to be a Foods TA, which is what I've always wanted! But really. When I took the class 3 years ago, I knew that being a TA would be the best. I got to be a TA for credit last semester, and then they hired me for spring! I'm way excited. It will be good experience as I get prepped to actually teach it in the fall, and I get free food! Pretty great all around. So I will be getting a lot of hours this summer and hopefully I can make some $ because I won't be working while I student teach. There's a little update on my life. After I student teach things are a little up in the air, but I will be applying for teaching jobs in Virginia, Utah, and possibly back in Seattle. Who really knows?! 

SO this last semester was good, but busy. I went to some awesome weddings, I turned 22 (weird!), I did a lot of homework, and made some great friends in my ward. 

Katelyn and Dalton got married in January! It was freezing. It was literally 7 degrees outside when we were taking pictures. BRRRRR!

Jeffrey has a cleaning obsession.

His hair is awesome. I did it.

Dear Michelle's wedding. So beautiful.
The cousins!

The amazing D.C. temple.

Baby Phoebe was born! Yay Becky!

She's cute even when she's crying.

Also, this happened. Some girl backed into me. It is a long and frustrating story, but it all worked out in the end. And now my car is fixed and beautiful!

Too cute for words. 

Also, mom and dad came to visit (surprise!) and mom showed us her aunt's jewelry that was willed to her and Rosie. This thing is real, people. Aquamarine. 

It is huge.

Anyway. That's my life. I'm looking forward to a summer of earning money, playing sports, and enjoying Provo. I love summer! Hopefully some great things happen.