Friday, September 14, 2012

Cultural Diorama - Travelling Runner who Bakes and Reads

So for my Multicultural Education class, we need to create a Cultural Diorama, a presentation of artifacts that represents me socially, culturally, and ethnically. So I've decided to post pictures of these "artifacts" on my blog (as part of the assignment.) 

This first picture shows a few of my Jerusalem souvenirs, which are very special to me. These represent my love of traveling and seeing the world. Though I have done a lot of traveling, the semester I spent at the BYU Jerusalem Center taught more than I have ever learned before! I not only learned about different cultures, but I also grew spiritually. So this picture also represents the importance of the Church and the gospel in my life. That semester shaped me in more ways than I can describe, it had a HUGE impact on my life! Jerusalem (and therefore the gospel) will always be part of me.

This next picture represents my love of running, sports, and the outdoors. I just ran in the Red Rock Relay for the 3rd time (last weekend!) and I so much fun! Our bodies are so incredible to be able to run, jump, and be pushed to the limit. By participating in these things we also get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and creations of our Heavenly Father. How lucky! I have never had to push myself, physically and mentally, as I have when I run in this relay. The first year I did it taught me that I really can do hard things and accomplish what seems impossible. Ever since then I have make the Red Rock a goal at the beginning of every school year and I continue to absolutely love it! (Even though running 187 miles between 12 people, in 2 days seems a little insane!)

What fun is life without food?! It's not. And it's even more fun when you get to cook it! I am a Family and Consumer Science Education major, which means I love to bake, cook, and do anything else with food. Food is a huge part of any culture, especially mine! It is one of my great loves and many facets of my life revolve around it; my professional and academic, as well as social! Food brings people together, especially family, and my family is very important to me. Growing up with family meals every night taught me a lot about what was important in life, therefore I will continue cook, eat, and share that talent with family and friends.

Books are wonderful, don't you think? Learning is so important and reading is such a huge part of that! We learn from the textbooks we read (sometimes :) and we also learn from the wonderful pleasure reading we can do in all of our spare time (what spare time?!:) It is so exciting that we can just escape from our regular hum-drum lives and let our imagination take us into other worlds, lives, and experiences. They also represent the importance of education and academia. That's why we're all here in college right? Education is important to us, and learning can be so fun! The things we learn in these few short years will stay with us forever (hopefully.) I don't know what kind of person I would be today if I didn't have the opportunity to let my imagination soar over summer break, or get an amazing education at BYU for the rest of the year. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time Flies!

I'm a bad blogger. Obviously. Or I'm just lazy.

I had a fun summer! I can't believe it's over and school has started already! How time flies. 

My classes went pretty well. I had such a fun time working in the Preschool on campus. Those kids were so adorable and I learned so much from them! I miss them. 

So after I finished up finals and moved out of my apartment (into a storage unit), Matt and my roommate Brooke and I took a wonderful little roadtrip home to Bothell! It was just fabulous. We were only home for a week, but we had so much fun. Brooke had never been to Seattle or the Great Northwest, so I had a great time showing her around :)

We spent a few days on the Olympic Peninsula, which was just a dream. We had the best weather too!

The Lake Osette Triangle hike along the coast

Family Picture!

Big Trees

Yep, we stayed in Forks

Beautiful Seattle
It was a great few days. Brooke and I also spent a day in Seattle. The weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun! Except when we were trying to find parking...

Brooke loves the ocean!

I finally visited the gum wall. Yuck!

Pike Place!

And the Fremont Troll

Beautiful Deception Pass and Whidbey Island

It was sad to leave lovely Seattle. I love that place. But I was able to look forward to another wonderful week at our family cabin in Utah before school started! It was dreamy.

Really. The Cutest thing EVER.
 We went Kayaking at Mirror Lake with Rosie and Glen! Super fun, Jeffrey may not have thought so though...

The saddest/funniest thing ever.

We decided against it.

My little model.

Grandpa had such a fun time with his Grandson


Matt decided to go Kayaking during a downpour...crazy.

He's such a good walker!

Such a great little family :)

pot-bellied Jeffrey.
At the end of the week, we got to go on an adventure up Mount Timpanogos! It was Dad's first time, so it was pretty exciting. As usual, the hike was gorgeous, rugged, and painful. :)

Mountain Goats!

4th time to the top!

Porky the chipmunk. He was harassing me and my food.

We all made it! Here is Dad's proof.

Dad is so rugged.
And because Michelle specifically requested I get a family picture of all of us, we did so. The cabin is the best! 

I also just ran in the Red Rock Relay again for my 3rd year! It was such a blast this year! Even though Matt and Jeff weren't there this time. I was in the Snow Van, which was different that the previous two years (it was easier). I ran about 15 miles total and I felt really good about my runs! It's kind of a crazy thing to do, but I just keep coming back! It's rather exhilarating. 

Now you're caught up with my life. I just started my Senior year at BYU, can you believe it? I can't. I feel kind of old when I tell people I'm a Senior. Oh well, I always see a million people I know on campus everyday, which is super fun. And I actually have lots of friends in my classes now! I moved into the Glenwood, not really any better than the Riviera, but hopefully it will be a good year. Mostly I miss my old roommates a lot, cause last year was kind of a dream come true. All 6 of us just clicked. It was like living in our own little Zion. There was so much love! And now 4 of them are away on missions and Brooke, Olivia, and I are getting to know our 3 new roommates. It's always hard starting over again, cause you actually have to make an effort if you want to hang out with people and make friends. Usually I like making friends, but sometimes I just don't feel like trying...Oh well. I always feel like this at the beginning of a new year. In a few months I'll probably be raving about how I love my ward. It seems good so far, I just need to meet people.
Meanwhile, I will enjoy taking my Advanced Food Prep class, among others, and play some more soccer, because it has kind of become an obsession. :D