Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Happenings

Well, it has been awhile, and my sister Michelle has been encouraging me to post again. So I'll give an update on my summer! 
Lets see. Spring term was great, cause I wasn't in school and I was just working and partying. Summer term started at the end of June, and I have been quite busy ever since! Classes and work and social life have definitely been taking over my life. But it's fun! I like being busy. I'm taking this class where we have to be a teacher's aide in the preschool on campus. It is really fun! The kids are so adorable and I just love them. I'm also taking Adolescent Development, which is...interesting, i guess. It's at 8:00 in the morning, so I usually fall asleep. And I'm also taking Greek and Roman Lit, which I love! It's fun to read real literature and learn cool things. I like it.

So I'll start with my trip to Zions National Park, the last hurrah before I started summer classes. It was such a blast! Me and 7 of my friends went down for a few days and stayed in my friend's cabin, which is right outside the park. We just hiked for 2 days and played games and such. It was my first time actually hiking around Zions and it was INCREDIBLE! The scenery was amazing. And it was also 100 degrees both days. haha. yikes! Here are some fun pictures. 

Hiking up to the Hidden Canyon. Sweet hike!

My funny friends, hiking the Narrows!

The Narrows

Red Rock

Hiking to the Emerald Pools

The magical Emerald Pool
It was a great trip, as you can see. I have awesome friends too. Then school started and I got super busy. But, I did go to my cabin with Jeff and Kira and Matt and Baby Jeff just for an afternoon, cause I had to work the next day. It was fun to go up and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the cozy and oh-so-wonderful cabin. As well as my fabulous siblings/in-law/nephew. We had cook-outs, played basketball, and went bushwhacking up a mountain! It was great. 

Father and son, on the swing.

hey there.

Who could resist that face?

Walking, finally!

Climbing up a rock slide.

Where we climbed from

Love that view!

Well, those are the big fun things I've done. The other things I've been doing this summer are: 
playing lots of soccer, playing lots of Frisbee, going to fun concerts in Provo, getting a new battery for my car, going toThe Dark Knight Rises midnight premier, getting excited go back to Seattle in August!!!