Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday to EVERYONE.

I am writing to you now, as a 21 year old. How exciting!
I feel like I've been celebrating birthdays for weeks now, but really, it has only been one....kind of....I'll get to that later.
Anyway, it all started on January 29th 1991 in a beautiful place near London, England. My mom gave birth to her 6th and last child. I was a girl, to my brother's disappointment. I think they've changed their minds...;) I hope.
And now, 21 years later, I am still alive and kicking! In fact, I am quite enjoying life.
Can you believe that last year I celebrating my birthday fleeing Egypt in the midst of a revolution and then hiked Mount Sinai?! This year wasn't quite as epic, but still wonderful!

Starting the night before my birthday, this is how it went:
Cafe Rio with Brooke and Faith. Best Thing Ever.
CRAZY BYU Basketball game.
Spark. The chic non-alcoholic drink place Mormons like to go to feel cool.

It may look like alcohol, but really its not.

Spontaneous trip to Faith's friend's house for a "bonfire" ( it was more like a pile of coals) where I happened to run into my old summer freshman roommate!
Then we went home.
Next day was Sunday and my birthday!
The day started out pretty well with Faith's delicious Crepes for breakfast.
Church was wonderful as always, and so was ward choir.
Dinner at Jeff and Kira's! Kira made me my favorite birthday meal: roast beef, yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, carrots, and lots of gravy. And of course the classic birthday cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting. :)
I think the best birthday present that day was just to play with my darling baby nephew Jeffrey. He really is so adorably wonderful. He makes me happy. Enjoy

And I got to open presents, which is always fun.
My day ended with more cake, friends, ward prayer, and lots of Happy Birthday nice notes! How wonderful.

Now, the next day was my friend Julie's birthday, then Wednesday was my roommate Faith's birthday. We went to Chile's for dinner, and Jamie and I made her this cake. It is pretty much the coolest cake I've ever helped make:

Faith is going on her mission to Paraguay. She was obsessed with cake, as I was.
The next day was my roommate Ashling's birthday (!) She made us Chinese noodles and I made her a Mountainberry Pie. A nice reprieve from the abundance of cake we had been eating.

All three birthday girls.
And guess what. Next week is my other roommate Olivia's birthday! Man, I need to go work out.