Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about Missions. It seems like all of my friends that are girls are either going on missions, or getting married about now. I guess it's that time of our lives, we're almost 21 after all. (21! we're babies!!)

4 out of the 6 of us roommates are determined to serve a mission, and 2 of them already have their calls! It really is wonderful. I am very proud of my dear friends. They want to dedicate 18 months to serving the Lord. They want to change people's lives. It's incredible.

My roommate just opened her mission call a few weeks ago to a very surprised crowd! We all expected somewhere spanish speaking, but the Lord had a different plan. The Philippines! wow. Awesome huh?

Also, we got to ride her horse, which was cool.

And last night Faith got her mission call. We had what seems like 50 people in our little living room. If there was a capacity limit, it would have been over. But it was great to feel our friend's support (well, her friend's). And her call was to......
Just what she wanted, and what everybody expected. I said either South American or Africa, and South America it was. In Faith's own words, "I just wanted to go somewhere Spanish speaking, warm, and with poor people! And Paraguay is one of the poorest countries in South America! I am so happy!"
I am glad she can find such great happiness in that. Really. She was glowing last night, it was great.

When I was little, I watched every single one of my siblings go on a mission. I always figured I would too, if I wasn't married. But then I wasn't sure. And then people started asking me about it. "I wonder where you're going to go?!" Just assuming that since I was a McDonald, I would be serving too. And I thought...who said I am going?! Just because all of my siblings have served doesn't mean I'm going to! But then I would still be good. Missions are good. Missions are GREAT! That's why everybody's going! But then it started getting closer to my turning 21, and I realized I had no idea what I wanted. 
Well, I am definitely not married, or anywhere near there. And I turn 21 in....2 months?

....So, what am I doing?

I don't know. I think serving a mission would be amazing. I think that I would love it. I love this gospel and I love sharing it. I love traveling and meeting other people. It seems like the perfect thing for why don't I feel like I need to go? 

I know this is probably completely wrong, but sometimes I feel like all those girls who want to go serve the Lord for 18 months are...better than me. Or more righteous, or more charitable, or whatever it may be. That's not right, but I still feel totally lame whenever anyone says, "Do all of your roommates want to serve?" And I pathetically answer, "I'm ...not really planning on it." Like I don't want to go serve the Lord......which isn't true, but that's what it sounds like to me.
At least my roommate Brooke isn't planning on it either. We feel lame together. 

I don't know. I've been praying about it and thinking about it, but I just haven't received an answer! So...if I haven't gotten a yes, does that mean no? Or does it mean...nothing? Am I just not being perceptive to the Spirit? Is he giving me an answer and I'm just not hearing it? 

It's kind of frustrating me. 
Also, I work at the MTC. So I see a MILLION missionaries every other day. It's kind of on my mind.

But maybe...i have a different mission in life. Or maybe I am just being lame. 

As of right now, I'm not planning on it. 
So i'll just go on living my life, going to school, watching all of my girl friends leave me to men or to the Lord. And I'll bide my time till ...something happens. 

On the bright side, Thanksgiving is in a week!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preference Week?

So my Bishop declared this week "Preference Week" in the ward. What does that mean?? It means the girls are assigned to ask out 2 boys this week. blaaaahhhh

I don't like it.

I never like preference week.
SO, my roommates and I were complaining about it and sort of feeling guilty for not wanting to do it. Therefore, we decided to ask out an apartment of boys to dinner on Sunday.

I'm actually really excited. I love dinner parties. Especially when we cook good food.
Here is the menu so far:
Roast beef
Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Rolls
Some type of vegetable (probably green beans or carrots)
Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert.

I think that looks awesome. Now, whether we can pull it off in the few hours we have after church will be the big question. But I have faith in myself.

But here's the thing. I always...take control, when it comes to dinner. I kind of planned the meal, and i'm planning on cooking the way I want to cook it....ha. At least I always want it to be the way that I'm used to. And sometimes I don't think that other people will make it taste as good, which is not true at all. I guess I am just biased. I believe that Mom's recipes are better than everyone else's, so my mashed potatoes will be better than your mashed potatoes because my mom taught me how to make them. .....I'm crazy. I know. My roommates make wonderful food. They really do. We have some great cooks in this apartment. I'm just weird.

Ok, I had to get that off my chest. But really, I am done with tests and papers until finals. So I just feel free (except for the man's shirt that i'm sewing in class that I'm always behind on). It's great.
Happy soon to be holidays.

AND Happy Veteran's day! Let us not forget the wonderful veterans of our country that have served us so well. Thanks to my Father, who served in the Navy for many years. I am very grateful to be living in such an amazing country. Living in the Middle East for 4 months teaches you to be grateful for what we are blessed with as Americans. Don't take it for granted.
God Bless America.

Also, you should watch this to get in the patriotic mood. I was bawling my eyes out. If you're anything like me, you will too.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spooktacular update

Well, I have been a bad blogger. I apologize. October is a busy month, it is also probably my favorite months (besides December of course).

Come October 1st, the Halloween decorations were up. I tried to warn my roommates, but I think they were still a little in shock. The apartment was transformed into a spooky autumnal wonderland. It made me happy. The first weekend, General Conference weekend, we made Pumpkin pancakes with out FHE brothers.  A great way to start off the month.

Then stress ensued. Unfortunately October is the month of midterms. But I've made it through those.

This month was just so fun! I finally convinced a few of my roommates that Halloween is an awesome holiday, thanks to my endless enthusiasm. We went to Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point. That was a blast.

Nicolle, Me, Jamie, and Brooke on the Hay Ride! Aren't we cute?

Corn Mazin It

We are so naughty.

I've always wanted to milk a cow! I almost did. 

And we got to jump on a pillow thing.

We watched Hocus Pocus. We carved pumpkins while watching A Disney Halloween Treat. We ate our annual Halloween meal with toasted cheese sandwiches on hamburger buns that look like jack-o-lanterns. Basically my roommates bent under my every whim and fancy. They're great.
Did I mention how much I love my roommates? Cause I LOVE my roommates. They are the best.

So for Halloween the 6 of us dressed up as Disney Princesses. It was a hit! People loved us! Our costumes were legit. And basically I want to wear mine every day of my life...but that could be overkill.
Faith: Sleeping Beauty
Jamie: Belle
Brooke: Rapunzel
Nicolle: Cinderella
Ashling: Mulan
Me?.......OHH GISELLE!

Yes that's right. From Enchanted. And my wonderful and oh so talented mother sewed it from 2 states away! She's awesome.

Mulan not pictured.
My hair. Yes there is a bird on my head and on my shoulder. Best part of the costume in my opinion.
So It was a very fun month. The actual day of Halloween was a little anticlimactic, considering how much we did all month, but it was great anyway. I wore my princess dress all night, unwilling to let Halloween go. But then I had to go to bed.

And now it is November! How time flies. It should be a great month since, guess what? I don't have any tests till finals!! I don't know how that miracle happened, but I'm happy. I am sewing a man's tailored shirt for my sewing class. That is pretty much as much work as 3 tests. But its ok. Its pretty fun and satisfying. And Matt will get to wear the finished product!

Here are the things I'm looking forward to:
This weekend my roommate Nicolle is getting her mission call, and we are having a party because it is also her 21st birthday.
My roommate Faith should be getting her mission call in about 2 weeks!
Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks! And then it's almost Christmas!
We have good times ahead people.

Remember to be grateful this month!! :)